BATTLE: Makoneni vs Mindskillz

Makhanda Rap & Dance Battles

On Saturday 1 September, Makhanda rappers, Makoneni and Mindskillz, will go toe to toe live at The Bridge Sport Bar, next to Tata’s Liquors.

Nangona we are not quite sure if what sparked beef between the two, kodwa we are certain that we gonna witness flames.

Bafethu le-Battle just recently went to some other personal issues, and I really hope it only gonna stick to iBattle, lyrically, otherwise eish! 

Mindskills dropped some bombs on his Facebook profile, about Makoneni’s precious little twins and their mom.

He even released iDiss-Track for umjita, wrapping everyone from his family, with one rope.

Makoneni has been humble and been posting subliminal post on his Facebook profile, maybe ulindele imini yeBattle and don’t wanna lose focus.

Right before that, we gonna experience a dance battle between, Crankydy vs Simi. Hold your breathe, as they will be breaking bones.

The monthly battle sessions, is a newly found initiative by Ayanda Nondlwana, as a form to build a competitive creative environment in Makhanda.

To cover the costs that come with the whole effort of organising these events, R10 will be an entrance fee.

Watch shades being thrown

Makhanda Rap & Dance Battles. Poster: Azlan Makalima

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