Azlan Makalima - The Ghetto Classifieds

Azlan Makalima (born Mzwamadoda Makalima on 12 September 1988) is a rap artist and music entrepreneur from Grahamstown, South Africa.

He is the head-director at Multimedia Makenik, a Small Medium Micro Enterprise on event management, graphic, audio and visual design.

He has produced for artists such as Kay Kay and Zeezee. Makalima is a presenter at Radio Grahamstown on Art Effects Hip Hop Show every Friday from 6pm to 9pm.

He collaborated with an international band from Finland, where he was featured on two songs from The Winestones album.

Emerging from the streets had an impact on his life journey, the growing up struggle, disturbing his studies and self conscious. His writing ability developed at a higher primary in 1999 and were taken into considerations in 2002 as he attended a Splash Festival, without him realising that was the biggest platform for a first time perfomance.

He carried on performing on Cocacola mobile stages, on beauty contests and his biggest performance at the opening of Ziyabuya Shopping Complex at kwaDwesi, he shared a stage with Mzambia, Dangatye, Kci, GateCrushers on 2003. Sibahle Menzi tried hard to convince him to form a crew with Slim Uzzi under the management of Sardhawa.

Third Force was born, Base-Bin Studios was their home of recording produced by Questa who is popular of producing Sdudla noMathousand. The Metro FM Award winner Heavy K and Questa were their BEATMAKERs. With the National Art Festival, different Hip Hop Vibe, Fingo Festival, Imbawula, Around Hip Hop, Azlan saw a stay in Grahamstown, as he met with KaiONE at work, Macabre in his location good times were rolling.

Azlan decided to buy his own equipment and started over with his journey, Grahamstown was popular with Adobe Audition, it was bit weird that Azlan introduced them to Steinberg Cubase. He took 6 months to put his name on one of highly recommended personel in town.

He was producing Les Torrent, Ikons, Macabre, KaiONE and his Late Awakening mixtape. He met with Xolile “Xnasty” Madinda at around hip hop and he was the purchaser of the L.A mixtape which he was featured on with Bliss, KaiONE, Macabre.

Xnasty gave Azlan a platform to share stages and set a name with the truth music ambassadors namely Yahkeem, Ohavy, Sons of Law, Prince, Shmael, Wordsuntame. Azlan is now on an registered entity called Dakkie Yam Studios Entertainment Primary Cooperative Limited as Head-Director.

He is well known for the event Such as Mr and Miss Fingo, the School Clashes and Food For THOUGHT Grahamstown Hip Hop Session. Azlan produce Beats for heads like Spliff, MIF and graphic designing. He’s a presenter at Radio Grahamstown on Art Effects Hip Hop Show every Friday from 6pm to 9pm With Sheperd.

Azlan Makalima collaborated with an international band from the far north countries of Europe in Finland, where he is featured on two songs from The Winestones next coming album.

He performed along side the band at the Faces Festival where he pulled crowed with his lyrical skills until they asked for more, they performed a unique style where they combined Bluegrass/Country music with hip hop.

He had documentary interviews with Rhodes University, worked with Jacek Kaminski and Alette Schoon.