How Makhanda Rap & Dance Battles began

Okay here’s a picture, the reason why Makhanda Rap & Dance Battles exists, powered by KhulaTech Solutions

Ayanda Nondlwana and Azlan Makalima sat and discussed the unity of Makhanda artists, after the fall of Makana Arts Council (M.A.C).

We concluded, that artists are misused by organisers everywhere in South Africa. Artists are capable of pulling a large number of crowd. Artists don’t have a venue or platforms to promote themselves, they rely on organisers for such.

MRDB is a platform for artists, by artists. Artist knows the struggle of another artist, they share the same experience in Makhanda. In doing so, came the offer of a venue, The Bridge Sport Bar.

The founders are willing to take out of their own pockets and make sure the event is a success. By any means necessary, if they were able to compensate the fellow artists, they would probably do so.

We are all aware that it is very disrespectful to perform in tarvens and be compensated by alcohol, we appreciate anyway, but how is that helping develop your craft. You be just one of those great downfall stories.

MRDB, is housed by The Black Powerstation, when Makhanda is aware of the whole initiative, we would be pleased to relocate to the outlying area of the city.

MRBD is a competitive and creative platform, made of Rap Battles, Dance Battles, Beat Battles, 16 Bar Challenge, Live Performances etc. It is also creating an online platform to help promote the arts with an online presence.

Every first weekend of the month, artists are urged to tattoo that in their minds, for development of Makhanda Arts, as we in motion to create Dialogues, Workshops and uplift the Arts/Artists to work even harder and generate revenue through their art.

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Next event is on 3 November, 3pm at The Bridge (next to Tatas)

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