Makhanda (Gtown) Rapper releases a new single

On Tuesday 25 September, Makhanda (Gtown), Eastern Cape rapper released new single

On Tuesday 25 September, Makhanda (Gtown) rapper and producer, Azlan Makalima, released his newly profound single titled ‘The Ghetto Classifieds’.

Azlan told Grocotts Mail that he worked solo on his song, from songwriting to production.

He further elaborated that his song is derived from untold stories of his early childhood experience, as he focused more on matters related to kasi stories.

The Ghetto Classifieds is a mid-tempo Hip Hop song, with verses that touches every kasi child’s mind, body and soul, raised by a parent that went through thick and thin trying to make ends meet.

“It was never a hectic journey writing this song, it took me two days, as I was pouring straight from a heart, the challenges that I faced as a child” said Azlan Makalima.

“Most local rappers, including myself, have been writing songs that are not a reflection of our experiences, because we trying to fit into the mainstream, in such a way that we lost a purpose of why we are doing Hip Hop music” he continued.

Azlan further explained that the feedback of the song from the listeners, have been giving him goosebumps, as everyone said it scratches long healed wounds.

The Ghetto Classifieds is available online on Multimedia Makenik’s Soundcloud, Audiomack, Facebook and YouTube,

Throughout the year, Azlan has been releasing singles like 18 Area, Bambelela, SingoMakenik etc, and now confirmed that they are a journey to a full project for next year, 2019.

Azlan Makalima is a founder of Multimedia Makenik, an art and entertainment SMME, he’s also a Grocotts Mail online producer and partner on Makhanda Rap & Dance Battles, a monthly creative and competitive platform by Via Kasi Movers.

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